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The information below is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for the questions most commonly received.

Visa Processing

What visa will I use for performing the internship?

The legal correct visa for performing an internship in Indonesia is an Index 211 visa with the purpose of training.

This visa is valid for the duration of 180 days for internship purposes from the moment you enter into the Indonesian territory. You will be invited by to perform the internship by the sponsor organization or a person inside the company in Indonesia. The sponsorship is arranged by InternBali.

What does a 'sponsorship' mean?

A sponsorship is an obligatory requirement for to performing an internship in Indonesia. This means that the organization is responsible for your stay in Indonesia during your internship. This is accordance with the Indonesian immigration regulations.

Can I have take holidays with this visa?

This visa is officially for internship purposes, nevertheless it is no problem to have a holiday as well. Nevertheless, a permission from the company as sponsor is required. In case you have holidays for one month or longer, we strongly recommend you to re-enter the country by taking a short flight to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and return under a tourist visa (Visa On Arrival).


How long does the total visa process take?

We give you advice based on our experience, nevertheless processing time can vary depending on the immigration system.


There are 2 stages in the processing prior to obtain the visa:

1. We arrange the required documents,

2. After receiving the documents, we help the sponsor to apply the documentation online (max. 2 weeks)


InternBali is fully depending on decisions made by the Indonesian authorities, therefor we only advice based on our experience.

What documents do I need to prepare?

You need to have a valid passport valid 18 months from the moment you enter Indonesia. Further you assure you have more than 6 blank pages in your passport left. Other important documents, insurance, proof of min. 2 acknowledged covid vaccinations.


In what stage can I book my ticket to Indonesia?

After getting clear instruction for our Visa consultants in Indonesia,  you can immediately book your ticket. 



What could be reasons for immigration to reject a visa application?

- You ever made yourself ever guilty of Illegal practices or criminal activities in Indonesia

- You were ever rejected to enter Indonesia

- You were ever deported from Indonesia.

- You ever overstayed in Indonesia.

- You suffer a severe illness.

We ask you these questions in the interview. Please be informed that all information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party.



Do I need a return ticket?

The indonesian immigration and the embassy needs to know that you exit the country. That doesn't mean you would need a ticket to you home country, any ticket out of Indonesia is sufficient. This can be by showing the airplane ticket. You will need to show this ticket when you hand over the documents to the embassy and  to the immigration officers by the time you arrive at the airport in Indonesia.



Are visa extensions needs?

That depends on how long you intend to stay in Indonesia. A 211 training visa allows you to stay maximum for the duration of 180 days {+/- 6 months).Nevertheless, you need to extend if you would like to stay for a period longer than 60 days . Our consultants will arrange that for you. First extension;  after 60 days (+/- 2 months) from entering the country.  You will be asked to join to the regional immigration office to make a passphoto. Four (4) subsequent extensions are excecuted by Visa consultants.

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