Expectations of an Internship in Bali

February 6, 2018


Millions of visitors come to Bali every year to experience the unique culture. During a visit many will get exposed to a great experience.


It is not difficult to embrace the Balinese culture as local people are giving you a warm welcome.  Before starting your internship it is important to understand cultural differences. Therefor, we prepare you extensively prior to your arrival in Bali, so you wont have any surprises.


5 things you can expect during your internship:

- A big smile of kindhearted colleagues who would love to know more about you;

- You get responsibilities during your job that you will not easy get in your home country;

- You can make a difference as a foreign intern with different views and inputs;

- You will be exposed by getting invitations to join gatherings and events;

- You learn valuable knowledge about how business is done in Indonesia.


In short, a great cross-cultural experience. Should you have questions about preparations or cultural habits in Bali, please let us know, our program managers will help you further to give you in-depth information about living in amazing Bali.



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