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The information below is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for the questions most commonly received.

Application Process

How long does it take to arrange the internship?

Arranging a customized internship takes normally around 3-5 weeks after we have accepted you to join our program. We cant accept any application shorter than 8 weeks prior to desired starting date of the program.


Can 'InternBali' guarantee me an internship?

We are confident to place any Applicant after we have accepted you. Internship Bali has a successful track-record due to our deep understanding of what Applicants require and our channels in corporate Indonesia. 98% of all our candidates have been placed successfully.


How do I need to prepare myself to apply for an interview?

As in any interview a good first impression is important. Assure that you list down your personal learning objectives, your skills and expectation. Grades on paper don't say everything about a person. Most important before us is your motivation and willingness to learn and to immerse in a new culture. Our consultants would like to get to know your personal preferences and find out who you are, that makes it easier for us to match the right employer to you.


Are Internships paid in Bali?

Indonesian labor and immigration law forbids a financial compensation for an internship. The participant perform an internship in Bali to gain a once-in-a-life-time valuable experience. Please bear in mind, price levels in Indonesia are 3 to 4 times lower than in the Western world, local salaries are considerable low.


How is the application process?

1.  First our consultants review the complete documents you have sent to us as stated on the APPLY site.

     Prior to applying you assure you have read and agreed upon all our Terms and Conditions.

2.  Within 24 hours after your Application you will receive a delivery confirmation message from our staff.

3.  We will schedule a skype call in order to get to know you better and understand your preferences .

4.  Our Consultants will provide you the outcome whether you are accepted and join our program within 24


5.  You will pay the refundable sign up fee.

6.  You will receive a selected number of host organizations that suit your personal interest and educational      


7.   After agreeing you will get introduced to the organization.

8.   If the organization is willing to accept you.

8.   Our consultants will setup a intro-session between you and the organization in order to present yourself    

      directly, this gives you the opportunity to ask all questions about the organization as well.

9.   Upon approval we will draft a tailored internship contract to confirm the internship legally.

10. Our operational staff takes over the process to handle all other matters in addition to the internship itself.

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