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The information below is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for the questions most commonly received.

In Bali

What are the cost of living in Bali?

Your costs of living depend on your spending behaviour, nevertheless Bali is affordable [lace to reside.         The Accommodation is not included in the Program Costs. Normally students spend not more than 500 Euro/month for daily expenses. 



How do I get around?

The best way to go around in Bali is by taxi, motorcycle or ojek (motorcycle taxi).  We ask students to be careful using a motorcycle or bicycle. Our program managers can assist you with the rental of the motorcycle.  


Do I meet other students?

You will receive contact information prior to departure upon request. The Program Managers are always the first point of contact if an intern has any problems or issues on the ground.  


What events can I attend?

Bali has many occasions to boost your social life and get immersed in the Indonesian society, from social gatherings to sport events and music concerts. Just ask our program managers in what event you are interested in.


Where can I go for Sporting?

Bali offers enough places to release your energy. From Fitness to Footsall and from Aerobics to Joga. It is all possible. Our program managers source the best places for you.


Where do I do my laundy?

You can outsource your Laundry cleaning at any laundry shop near your designated accommodation. Normally it works per Kilo or per Piece depending on the laundry shop. You cant hold the laundry shop responsible for loss or any damage. Note:  for expensive and high quality material clothes we recommend to do dry-cleaning.  

What can I do during the weekends?

Bali has more than enough to offer for everybody. According to most expats Bali has one of the best nightlife scenes in Asia. Further, you are able to go for a hiking tour, themepark, snorkeling or island trip in just a day. Ask you Program managers to assist you. InternBali can organize it for you depending on your personal preference. 

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