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The information below is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for the questions most commonly received.


What are the Payment Options?

InternBali can offer you multiple payment options.  We give the opportunity to make a bank to bank transfer.  It is possible to perform your payment in 3 terms. 


Is there a Sign up Fee?

There is no admin sign up fee to admit to our program. 


What are the chances you find me an internship?

Based on our track records we can see that we are very confident to place every Applicant who is enrolled in our program. If we believe we can not arrange an internship for you we will announce this before paying the sign up fee.


At what moment should I pay the full amount?

You pay the amount at the moment the internship contract has been signed by you and the internship host company. After the payment is in we will start processing your visa.


What is included in the payable amount?

Please check our individual programs what services we include. 


Can I pay in terms?

We have special arrangements for students to pay in two terms, but before the student arrives in Bali.


Are there any special arrangements?

There are special rates for students from partner universities. Ask your university whether they are a Partner in our Program. Further, we have a special referral program which gives students the chance to get special discounts.


Are there government funds?

Some countries have special funding program to make your internship happen. Your university mentor is familiar with the available programs. We advice you to inform with him/her.

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