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The information below is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for the questions most commonly received.

Pre-Departure Support

How do I need to prepare myself for the internship?

Our consultants will prepare you for this unique experience. We will provide you all information you need. From intercultural training to transport and from the airport pickup to the first day introduction. We expect from you to think out of the box, be motivated and open to a life-changing new experience.


What shall I pack for the trip?

The climate in Bali is tropical with an average temperature of 30 degrees.We advice you to pack light clothes when coming to Indonesia. We will provide comprehensive information regarding what we recommend you pack for your trip to Indonesia before your arrival. You are more than welcome to contact us directly if you have any questions. In regard to documents,it is of paramount importance for you to bring you the internship or international health insurance pass or papers.


What should I do I case of Medical Emergency?

You will receive all contact information prior to departure which will include their email addresses and personal mobile phone numbers. The Program Managers are always the first point of contact if an intern has any problems or issues on the ground.  


How to deal with the cultural shock in Indonesia?

Indonesia is considered to have an open and warm culture. People are always curious about newcomers.  It is not difficult to make a small chat and people are easy going. Don't be shocked to get invited for dinner or a wedding. Our consultants provide you with full information. The Do's and Don'ts, behavior and many other things in order to prepare you well.


What else can I expect from InternBali?

A Personal Consultant will be appointed to assist you. You will get with full information and pass by the internship site to monitor your progress. Hence, InternBali gives you a planning of the activities, the assignments, research or any other activities during your internship. Our operational staff will assist you for visa matters, preparations and events.


Do I need to get vaccinations before I come to Indonesia?

If you decide to go outside from Jakarta we recommend you to have vaccines and medication. Please check with your local health authorities to obtain all necessary information in regard to vaccination.


Where will I live ?

You will live in a complex carefully selected by InternBali. We have over 30 accommodations in South-Bali.     All accommodation are according to Western standards. The accommodations are all near to public transport facilities which makes it easier for you to get around. 


Is Bali a safe place?

Bali is a considerably safe province. Robbers, pickpockets or burglars are hard to find. Nevertheless, it is of paramount importance to be careful with your belongings. Our consultants will make you aware of the areas to go or prevent.


What is the best way to contact my family?

Our operational staff will provide you with a local sim card and gives you instructions how to top up your call credits at any time. Further, the consultants of InternBali have access to your KIN, which is important in case of emergency.

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